Arnold Sports Festival & World Jump Rope

I serendipitously (fun fact: serendipity is my favorite word) stumbled upon the World Jump Rope team and performance today at the Arnold Sports Fest. I was instantly mesmerized at their talent, both individually and as a team. This is the first time I’ve been to the Arnold and I remember questioning why they had jump-roping on the itinerary. Was that even a sport? … Boy was I wrong to judge. I think many of us think back to grade school recess when talking about jumping rope. Competitive jump-roping combines dance, gymnastics, and jumping. What a combination. I feel like this is a sport I have been looking for all my life. With my short stature, it’s difficult to find a sport that caters to your height. I was in gymnastics for about a year in middle school and occasionally wonder how I would have progressed if I continued. My mother decided to pull me out of it due to injury prevention. Recently, I’ve been into dance – of all types. I took 3 semesters of social dance/ballroom dancing at OSU and absolutely loved it. This semester, I am taking recreational folk and square dance. We learn a lot of country line dances. Jump-roping also requires whole body fitness. Did you know? It is estimated that 10 minutes of jumping rope has the same benefit as jogging for 30 minutes.

The World Jump Rope team announced that they were holding a practice in about 20 minutes in a room upstairs. My friend was leaning towards leaving the convention, but something inside me really wanted to visit the practice. I was genuinely curious about their group and how it functioned. I approached a young man from Idaho and asked if he could give me more information. He told me that the group World Jump Rope is comprised of people from all over the world; there was a young man from Japan there! They go around the world serving as ambassadors for jump-roping hoping to increase knowledge and popularity of the sport. He then told me about Tori Boggs, who recently started an OSU Jump Rope Club and that I should definitely get in touch with her if I’m interested.





I introduced myself as a fellow OSU student and told her I am interested in joining her jump rope club. She excitedly gave me her business card and told me when the weekly meetings are. Her charismatic personality and passion definitely showed. I am so excited to get involved and meet the other passionate people on the team.

I had heard of Tori when the university spotlighted her talent as an outreach tool and then she had the opportunity to appear on The Ellen Show, which I have linked above. Her story pulls at my deepest heart strings; life should be about living in your passions.

I haven’t stopped thinking about jump-roping. I’ve always had a particular interest for jump-roping as well as hula-hooping. I feel so inspired. I even took out my jump rope I got from participating in Jump Rope for Heart back in elementary school! I took a video of myself jump-roping to see what I look like. I was going to post it here, but I don’t know how to input two videos in one post … so I screenshot a picture (can’t promise I was successful after this move… haha). A pervading life theme of mine is to be a little vulnerable, which I believe builds stronger relationships with others.


Here’s to following your passions and being a little vulnerable!

3/13/2014: Just read this article on Buzzfeed. Great introduction to the world of competitive jump-roping 🙂


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