Day 2 (Sunday, May 4): End Point and Let’s Go to the Beach Beach, Let’s Get Away.

ImageWho got the song reference there??

Woke up at 7:30am. Ate breakfast which consisted of a fried naan-like pancake, curry, toast and jam (Sorry for not giving the full name of each dish). Chai milk tea is also served and I am in love with it. Dr. Raj took us on a morning walk to End Point at 9am. Dr. Raj pointed out a Malaysian medical school to me. The previous night he had told me that there is a huge population of Malaysians here. I asked why a school is so specific to race. I believe he said the locals need Malaysians to serve as teachers in the medical field (not quite sure what that exactly means). I am half Malaysian which is why he thought this topic was of particular interest to me.


I am astounded at how international Manipal U is. A lot of countries are represented in their students and in study abroad students.


The walk was about 20 minutes. We were on the outskirts of the college where no one really went so it was very serene. A nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of town. Had a nice conversation with a fellow classmate about med school shenanigans that are happening now and in the next few months. It’s so great to connect with someone going through the same things you are. You’re never alone in the world. Many opportunities to take pictures on the cliff and at the garden were available. I also gathered all the Wolfe scholars for an O-H-I-O picture. I would Instagram but my phone does not get wifi.

IMG_0261(Left to right: Taniqua, Ellen, Kelsey, Nikki. Wolfe recipients)

Lunch was served at 12:30pm. The choices were chicken, regular rice, barley rice and curry. A group of us played card games afterwards. We played BS and mafia… learned those types of games are not my cup of tea. I hate lying (and am bad at it) even though it’s just a game. Spoons was more fun. Beach time at 4pm. We met in front of Manipal U and rode a Manipal bus to Malpe Beach. Had a nice conversation with a fellow classmate about his public health profession plans. Lots of activity and people at the beach. First, we saw a Gandhi statue.


Then we rode camels. I’m all about checking items off the bucketlist! A group of Indian people were really excited to see our OSU group there and said hi. Another group of people wanted to take a picture with Drew. They told him to wrap his hands around him. A member of our group said that some people really like having a foreigner friend and want to show off. Dr. Raj later told us that some people use that to pickpocket you. Girls in particular should be cautious. Then some people went to touch the water. It was very warm. I wanted to take a picture with the sea in the background but ended up getting my shoes all wet. Worth it though. Haha. We then took a walk down the beach. Dr. Raj used a stick to write out the date and OSU PH in the sand. So cute.


Walked back. Began getting very tired. Rode Manipal bus to a restaurant in Udupi. Dr. Raj let us pick one snack and one dessert on the house. He’s so nice. Wish he was my grandpa haha. I got vegetable biryani with a mango ice cream slab. A lot of people got masala dosa and milkshakes. We then had to take a citi bus back to Manipal but ended up walking a few blocks to find a bus. Shoes started to hurt and was painstakingly tired. Finally got back around 8:30pm and had time to shower and do some writing but I kept falling asleep in my bed and finally succumbed to sleep around 11pm. Before bed, I noticed gnats were chillin around the light above my bed. I immediately sat up & turned off the light. I even found a few on the bed and pillow. I sprayed bug spray all around. Bugs of any kind scare me especially in one’s living quarters, but instead of thinking how life is so miserable… I thought about how many people in the world have to sleep outside or are exposed to the environment. They deal with worse things than beds in an air-conditioned room. This put things into more of a perspective for me. I am really thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to live the bare minimum in Panama and to experience this in India. This has truly made me a more understanding citizen of the world and to stop taking things for granted back in the US.


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