Day 5 (Wednesday, May 7): “Great things happen when you just sit down because a lot can happen over coffee”

Slept well last night only waking up once and then sleeping right up until the alarm at 7:30am. Had the intentions to vlog the hostel in the morning but Anna was leaving just as I opened my door so she waited for me to get ready. Breakfast was pretty good: potato and onion laden with curry, omelet, toast, jam and tea. Someone on our trip said they really appreciate the toast and jam because they liked the breakfast food culture in America. In Indian (and Asian) cuisine, breakfast food does not really exist. Breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of very similar types of food.

I left breakfast early with Kelsey F and Anna to go to the store. The Manipal convenience store was not open yet so Anna bought one mango at a stand. Then, we took a new route to the library which was an opportunity to explore more of the Manipal campus. Sat in the rock garden for a little bit to use wifi.

Dr. Raj lectured on the interplay amongst health, education, economy and poverty. I needed to sit in the front of the classroom along the wall to charge my computer and a mosquito was flying about (silently freaked out). Thought I wouldn’t encounter any of those inside an air-conditioned room. Lesson learned: always wear bug spray in the morning. Surprisingly, the internet connection worked perfectly up front. Haha.

ImageThen, went back to the hostel and was able vlog as I was coming back down from the 6th floor. I ran into Sesen and Alexa under the wifi tree and plopped down next to them. I did a mini vlog featuring the girls and also Lindsey and Ashley as they came down. Lunch was pretty good now that I’ve figured out to get vegetarian (the chicken was always with bones and sometimes spicy which was difficult to eat). I got barley rice, roti, chickpeas, potato balls in curry and another curry that is my favorite. It looks like there are small tapioca in it, but I’m pretty sure that’s not correct.

ImageAdam told us about a local friend he made on the citibus. He’s going to OSU next year! They’re Facebook friends now. That’s crazy and so cool! Dan and I walked to the library while the others went to the hostel. Taniqua and Alvien were already at the rock garden. I used wifi on my phone and checked Instagram. OSU global posted a pic of the Wolfe recipients doing O-H-I-O at End Point. Sooooo exciting!

Class at 2pm: more culture and society. Finished caste lecture and started nationalism. Had some interesting talks and questions about the prevalence of child marriages, abstinence and female circumcision.

Tea time at 4pm consisted of French toast-like bread. I was skeptical about eating it because I vowed to myself that I will try to pick more healthier options. I feel like I am gaining weight on this trip because they feed us so well. I think I will name my India Facebook album “Tea Time” because it’s my favorite time of day.

Walked back to the hostel around 5:30pm and the front desk lady informed us that the IT guy came. We are finally getting our internet connection checked out so that the wifi is not spotty. I went to my room and tried logging on to the internet. It was working slowly. A couple minutes later, the guy knocked and just said “plug in the Ethernet cord”. I asked him to connect it just in case I didn’t know how, and the wifi worked perfectly fast after that. The only downside is that it needs to be connected to the wall. I uploaded pictures to the computer, watched an AprilJustinTV vlog (my inspiration for vlogging) and blogged. Anna knocked on my door to go to dinner. I wasn’t ready due to the newfound wifi connection, but quickly got ready and left. Dinner was pretty good. There was a mashed curry potato dish with what tastes like fake meat for vegetarians. The spicy corn was too spicy for me.

ImageAfterwards, we planned to play cards in the coffee shop in the main library building. Went back to hostel to get Manipal ID cards with Rachel & Sahanna, then Sahanna needed to wait for Sesen so Rachel and I gathered people to walk to the coffee shop. I told Sahanna I watched all the vlogs on my computer and was just laughing to myself in my room because of her narrations in them. Sahanna thinks she’s awkward and said she should act more normal. And I told her “noo being yourself is the best part”. Rachel expressed interest in appearing in my vlog. More and more people are beginning to know about my vlog project so that’s nice because then I can try to include everyone by the end of the trip. I’m also coming to terms with the fact that talking to a camera can be awkward and silly, but is such a powerful way to capture moments.

ImageStudents were sprawled out in all corners of the coffee shop studying. Lindsey bought a frappuccino and chocolate cake. Sahanna also bought a chocolate cake. We sat in a circle on the floor and finished the food before checking our belongings and passing through security. We proceeded to the 6th floor (highest) and formed a circle on the floor once again. The climate was extremely humid up there. First, we played spoons (or highlighters). I was eliminated first. Then, they wanted to play Mafia (card game) so I assumed the role of narrator. I dug into my creative juices to conjure up stories about how someone was “killed” by the mafia. I don’t think of myself as a creative person so this took some brainstorming. I used a monsoon, Godzilla, taking a spaceship to Mars & never returning and hanging out of a crowded bus. Returned to the room around 10:30pm. Skyped with mom, showed her the room and the 2 kurtis I bought. Then, I wanted to publish the Day 3 blog which took me up until 2am. I was so tired that it was a very good sleep, but I should probably keep a better sleep routine because the days need full energy.


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