Day 12 (Wednesday, May 14): Places you Go, People you Meet

Hit snooze on the alarm today and woke up at 7:30am. 8:30am breakfast: omelet, curried potatoes and onions, tea. I saw Raushan sit at the long table by himself. I decided to go ask him why he’s sitting alone. R-“I have an exam tomorrow.” He explains it’s like medicinal pharmacology and that he needs to know all these structures. He flipped through the packet in front of him and I said “like organic chemistry?” And he said “yeah.”
Me-“when does school end for you?”
R-“end of May. Then I’m going home for 2.5 months for summer and then coming back in August”
Me-“How was your exam yesterday?”
R-“Good. I didn’t have to worry too much but this one I will”
Me-“When are you done with pharmacy school?”
R-“2017. I thought about taking a pharmacy course at OSU. Is it a good program?”
I told him it’s pretty good. He said he looked at it and thought it was good.
Me-“Alright well best of luck to you.”
R-“Thanks. See ya”.
I turned around and see a lot of our OSU group staring at me. Hahah.. I sat down and commotion ensued. #awkward Hopefully Raushan doesn’t think we’re too weird. Adam was looking at me strangely and then spilled he took pictures of us talking!

We walked to the front of the Manipal Library at 9:30am. Sat next to Adam so I can see the candid pictures he took. He offered me some gum, and I finally got to taste the sour patch flavor that Taniqua is obsessed with. It was pretty good. Adam and I had some quality conversations about life.


We visited a primary health center, which was very similar to the one we saw two days ago.

IMG_0663The medical director talked to us about the free immunization program provided for children.

IMG_0670The center collects water samples to test for contamination and provide temporary methods to achieve clean and safe water in the community.

IMG_0672Baby delivery room.


IMG_0682Refrigerated vaccines.

IMG_0692Water well.

After, we drove to Kaup Beach to see a lighthouse that was closed. It was a beautiful beach with no foot traffic.




Back to Manipal for a lecture about child health. I’ll highlight some notable facts I learned:

– Asphyxia describes severely deficient oxygen supply and is a leading cause of death in regards to umbilical cord suffocation.

– Helminths are worms (ex. Hookworm) and they eat all your nutrients so that you can never gain weight.

– In India, values are carried in the middle class. The lower class tends to smoke and drink more.

– A child in sub-Saharan Africa is likely to have a case of malaria every 40 days (get stung again).

– Emergency numbers in India were developed about 5 years ago.

– Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) + immunizations are the most effective measures in reducing the disability adjusted life years (DALYs), which can be thought of to mean how many years of a healthy life you’ve lost due to disability.

Studied in coffee shop with Lauren and Kelsey and then went back to room to wait for the cleaning lady. After dinner, Kelsey and I went to Lauren’s room to run through the online quizzes together in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz. Slept around 1am.


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