Day 23 (Sunday, May 25): Leishmaniasis

Woke up around 8am. Stopped by Lauren’s room to see if she wanted to go to breakfast. She just woke up, but didn’t feel like going, so I went by myself. Ran into Dan, Alvian, and Drew in the cafeteria. Researched for the final paper in room until lunch time. Finally pinpointed my topic, Leishmaniasis (neglected tropical disease) and learned how to pronounce it. I looked at many articles and started Google Docs for the paper and PowerPoint. I wrote the title and abstract and sent the information to Dr. Raj. Had a slight headache afterwards.

Stopped by Taniqua’s room to see if she was going to lunch soon. She still needed to change and brush her teeth, so I waited for her. I was feeling quite hungry, so it was a good meal: roti, barley rice, lentil and potato curry, chickpeas, tapioca curry, and yogurt. Bought my go-to drink, pulpy orange juice. It makes me think that I am eating fruit, even though it contains artificial substances.

IMG_5684Retrieved laptop from dorm and headed to the library with Taniqua. We checked our bags with the attendant and went into the group study room to meet Lauren. I updated my journal for the entire time.

IMG_5686Then, we moved over to the café, where Taniqua bought iced coffee and a chocolate cake. I wanted something, but felt bad eating unhealthy food, so I resisted. I wrote in my journal some more and vlogged in the coffee shop featuring Taniqua, Rachel, and Alexa.

Tea time 4:30pm: pastry with curried veggies inside and a chocolate ball flaked with coconut.

IMG_5688Afterwards, went back to hostel with Taniqua. I am reading (or skimming) a 200-paged WHO report on Leishmaniasis – ¼ of the way done! It’s like everything I want to talk about in my paper….. A housekeeping staff knocked on my door. They come so consistently lately even without signing up for a room cleaning appointment. I am grateful and wondering if they get paid by how many rooms they complete. Dr. Raj sent an email with all the titles of our final projects. The topics are really diverse, except for children and nutrition (3 people are doing something along those lines). Then, he gave me a shout-out in the email for questioning about the quiz 3 topics and revised what he said to us previously. That made me smile. I’m such a dork.

Dinner: curried potato dish. I’ve been really craving the food here lately – like I always feel hungry before the meals. I told Paul I like his Indian long-sleeved shirt. Paul was talking about how he doesn’t like tomatoes. Adam wants to eat more tomatoes because they’re a good health food, but he doesn’t like onions. I questioned out loud that I don’t know what food I don’t like. Lauren mentioned fried foods and I said oh yeah. Adam said sweets. I said nooo I like it, especially ice cream – that’s my weakness. I mean I enjoy eating ice cream for breakfast… Then, Adam asked if we heard about the shooting in Santa Barbara, California. He told us the details about how the 20-year-old kid went on a rampage and killed about seven sorority girls because he was bitter that no girl has liked him before and that he’s never kissed a girl. He saw it on the Google news page and I said that’s where I saw it too! Then, I shared I always mentally prepare myself in case there is a potential shooting in lecture halls. Adam and Lauren said they do too. Adam said he always plans what he’s going to do. He thinks he’ll just lay on the ground. Lauren said she would run. I thought that would be a bad idea because they’ll want to shoot you first. Paul said it depends on where you are in the room. I said I would pretend to be dead. Then, Adam said he thinks about what it would be like to be a professor, what if a student that hated you wanted to shoot you? And I’m like I think about that too!! Like what if a student wants revenge… #dinnerconversations. Kelsey R wasn’t feeling well and has been in her room all day, throwing up from time to time. Lauren was going to get her food, but she said she probably won’t keep it down.

Went to the library café with Lauren to study for the quiz. We got Aasam tea and chocolate/mango cups.

IMG_5689I got the mango and it tasted like mousse – so good! The chocolate tasted a little different. We studied individually for the first part because I was writing stuff down. Then, we went through the last three PowerPoint presentations together on my laptop. My eyelids were getting heavy by the end. We left around 10:30pm. Back at the room, I washed clothes, showered, and Skyped mom. Then, studied for quiz until 2am. I was reviewing all the online quizzes and kept drifting off, but proud to say I made it through all of them.


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