Day 24 (Monday, May 26): We’re on a Boat!

Woke up at 7:15am. Wore my blue swirl-patterned kurti with the blue swirl-patterned pants I borrowed from my mom. They match so well! Reviewed all of the PowerPoints again before going to breakfast at 8:45am: two onion pancakes, omelet, and tea. While eating, I studied my handwritten notes. On the way to the library, Adam was quizzing Lauren and I.

In the classroom, Dr. Raj passed back quiz 2. Everyone was talking about how poorly they did on it yesterday after checking online, but I waited to see my score in person. I received 16/20 points. Adam got the same score. People were skeptical about one question and asked about it. Dr. Raj said he would give a 0.5 point back, so yay I guess. Took quiz 3. It was on the same level of difficulty. I didn’t know the answer to a couple of the questions. Sigh. Hopefully everything will be fine in the end, grade-wise. Adam, Lauren, Taniqua and I talked about the answers after class. Downstairs in the lobby, Adam said he finished his paper and wants to peer-edit with others. That’s my favorite part of the writing process – editing.

Walked to the cafeteria to meet Dr. Raj at 10:15am. He took us to the Public Health Department on campus, where we met a woman that accompanied us on one or two previous field visits.

IMG_5692We walked a couple blocks to the campus hospital (Kasturba). Lindsey and I were at the front of the pack and we had a conversation with the woman. She asked how we have liked India. We both said good. Lindsey told her we’ve been very busy. She asked us what a typical day is like back in the states. Lindsey talked about how it varies because people choose different class times – not structured at all. We learned about how the Kasturba Hospital manages solid and liquid waste.

IMG_5693Returned to the hostel around 11:30am. Knocked on Taniqua’s door to head to lunch together at 12:30pm: roti, barley rice, 2 types of curry, and yogurt. Kelsey R went to lunch today! She and Lauren went to the doctor’s earlier. She got a malaria blood test, but they suspect it’s only a viral infection. Dr. Raj stopped by the cafeteria and gave her acetaminophen and a loaf of white bread – so cute. Purchased my go-to orange juice.

Back in the room, I worked on the paper and finished reading the 200-page document. I felt tired by the end of that, so I took a one-hour nap between 3-4pm. Woke up and thankfully read the email from Dr. Raj informing us of a boat ride and to meet in front of the library at 5pm. On the way down, I ran into Lindsey.

We boarded the yellow Manipal bus and Dr. Kamath came with us also. I sat with Lauren. The group was divided into two for the boat ride. I went on the first one.

10333683_10203000245340581_6551039987432330840_oVlogged with Lauren and enjoyed the peace and serenity of the water.

DSC_0265A professional photographer was snapping pictures of us and the landscape.

DSC_0142Then, we waited while the second group went on the boat ride. Dan jokingly said to me that he found me a seat on a little boat hanging off the edge. We met the Chancellor of Manipal University and took a group picture with him.

DSC_0296From 6:30-7:30pm, I uploaded the day’s pictures on the computer and updated my word doc journal. Stopped by Lauren’s room at 7:30pm and also knocked on Taniqua’s and Kelsey’s. Taniqua said she was taken aback by the force of my knock and I teasingly said I wanted to trick her for what she did to me during lunch. I offered to get her lemonade and she told me to make sure there are no bugs in it. When I returned with the drinks, she told me there was one and I was very concerned, but she started laughing and said just kidding. Taniqua and Kelsey R bought food upstairs. A small group of us were eating downstairs: Kelsey F, Paul, Drew, Adam, Lauren, Alvian, Dan, and Sesen. Lauren and I exchanged sentiments that we both liked the cafeteria food still. It’s weird that I am just now craving it when it’s the end of the trip. Dinner: two rotis, barley rice, potato and veggies, a more bland curry, and yogurt. Adam was giving me weird looks the entire dinner and I called him out jokingly. Then, Paul started narrating him eating and I teasingly said that’s what you get. Sesen and I talked about how we both found a document that includes everything we want to talk about in our final papers. Then, she asked what day I’m on for the blog. I said day 10. S- “How about the fake blog?” Me- “I’m caught up until yesterday.” I asked her about her journal and she said she stopped at the Tuesday before Mysore. She’s counting on my detailed accounts to finish hers. Haha. Dan asked if I’ll upload them when I get back home. I said probably. Adam reminded us to let him know when we’re done with the paper, so that we can exchange and do peer-editing. I said okay that’ll be my motivation to finish. Lauren waited for me to finish eating, so that we could walk out together.

She went to the library café to get work done. I went back to the hostel, washed clothes, showered, talked to Arif, read his email, and listened to the songs he sent. I started typing for the paper, but the thoughts were not flowing. Hopefully I can sleep and wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind and find the flow. I worked from my bed and eventually fell asleep, but woke up around 2:15pm (Ohio time) to Skype mom real quick. She was at work. It was an interesting call… One of her fellow waiters kept creeping on our conversation and I talked with another worker. He asked how I was and I asked how he was. Mom tried to get me to speak Spanish with him, but I hesitated because I already have problems hearing English on the other end, so that would have been a disastrous communication problem. He asked how everything was over here when mom informed him I am in India. Then, the waiter came back and creeped again. He said I was good looking, asked if I have a Facebook and I quote “I told your mom I’ll make her a grandma.” Hold up, what? Is that supposed to be a pick-up line? Hahhaha. It’s a bit funny, but not acceptable. Fastest way to turn a girl off. It was a nice change in scenery for a Skype date with mom though.


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