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Ellen’s Life Philosophy
Do not only fixate on achieving the end goal. Cherish the beautiful journey to get there with all of its trials and tribulations, as well as moments of accomplishment and bliss. Look around and always be grateful for the people standing in front of you, the nature outside your door and the gift of life and love as a human being. Race is a social construct. There is only one race – the human race, and we are one big family dancing together on our planet Earth. Always love.

Hello beautiful souls! I started this blog to document my public health study abroad trip to Manipal, India (May 2014), but I enjoy writing so much that this will also be a place to follow:

  • my sentimental musings about what “you only live once” means to me
  • how to keep a positive outlook in life
  • my journey to becoming a doctor
  • tips for future med students

4db2d4464e82573faf72e1a350cd3029Meaning of “Ghrellen – Stay Hungry for Life”: I have been trying to think of a creative name for my blog that ties in the search for meaning in life and my love of science. Naturally, I google “rhymes with Ellen” and immediately smile when I see ghrelin. I had learned about this term in my hormones and behavior course during the last semester of senior year. Ghrelin is a peptide “hunger hormone” produced in the gastrointestinal tract and also functions in the central nervous system to regulate energy homeostasis. I wanted to apply this concept to avoid complacency in one’s journey and to stay hungry for life. Always check in with yourself and ask the question “what makes me feel alive?” Apply the answer to this question to decide how best you can contribute to the world. Just as homeostasis strives to keep our biological systems stable by continually making adjustments, we too should continually use what makes us feel alive to better our community.

Get to Know Me!
Graduation=) ! 090(Where my dreams began as a high school junior)
— My “why” for aspiring to become a physician: combine my passions for medicine, science, leadership, and education with my love for humanity to improve patient’s quality of life. I value the uniqueness of everyone’s life stories and wish to incorporate that into holistic compassionate care
— Old soul in a young body
— Believer of spiritual wellness
— Fascinated with other’s stories and diverse life experiences
— Traveling, adventure, and nature is good for the mind
— Fitness fanatic
— Collector of useful and useless knowledge
— Reflective thinker
— Enjoys deep, vulnerable, and honest conversations about anything and everything
— Would love to keep jump roping as a hobby
— Laughing is another one of my favorite hobbies
— Hopeless romantic
— Ice cream and working out are the cure-alls for everything in life

IMG_6110IMG_6627IMG_0019Isn’t it amazing how everyone who has lived has had a unique series of life experiences – never the same as another person’s, so never compare yourself to other people. We are all on our own special journeys and no one journey is better than the rest.

Imagine how trapped life would be if it went according to plan.

Do-you-have-a-job-career-or-calling“Some journeys are direct, some circuitous, some heroic, some fearful and muddled. But every journey, honestly undertaken, stands a chance of taking us toward the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” – Parker Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak

Join me on this journey of life and meaning 🙂

Contact Me
IG: ghrellen
email: ghrellen@gmail.com


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