Life is Too Short to Be Anything but Happy and Grateful

“Please use Cameron’s story as an inspiration to set goals, overcome obstacles and fight the good fight. She did that every day.”

This story touched my heart as I could relate to her enthusiasm in completing a half marathon. I couldn’t help but to place myself in her shoes and imagine collapsing moments after finishing surrounded by my parents and best friend. Truly a sad story, but I am glad her parents have a positive outlook and chose to let others know about their daughter’s determination and motivation in life. Made me think about how life is never guaranteed… and that we should always remember to stay positive and build meaningful relationships with others.

In contrast, I hate that I had to distance myself from life these past two weeks to prepare to take the MCAT tomorrow, but I hope it is all worth it in the end. Eeek. I am excited and worried at the same time. I am such a nerd, but I actually enjoy taking the test… especially the verbal section. You learn something new every single time (learner is one of my top 5 on StrengthsQuest if you could guess)! The problem I have is recalling everything I have learned in General Chemistry and Physics, which I should be looking over right now. For any aspiring med students/doctors reading this: make sure you pay closer attention in your freshman and sophomore science classes. Don’t take them for granted no matter how much you dread it. Your hard work will pay off.

This is a good tip that I need to remember also.

“If you’re really committed to doing well on the MCAT, you may cut out things like exercise, proper meals and full nights of sleep so that you can spend as much time as possible studying. But test-taking authorities warn that if you follow that approach, you’re setting yourself up for failure on the big day.”


What if we cared more? Loved more?

I’ve spent the last two hours reading and looking at Madison’s Instagram instead of studying like I should be. She has really made me think about life… how precious it is… and how important it is to be happy in everything that you decide to do.

Don’t pick a career path because of your parent’s wishes, the appeal of a six-digit salary or because everyone else is doing it. Do it for you, for your happiness – because only then can you genuinely translate that happiness to others. What is driving the fire behind your soul?

Madison seemed like she had a pretty full and fun life. This made me think about how people might not be comfortable in telling you their clandestine thoughts and feelings, but it is our job as fellow human beings to care for one another – to love. This is what I want to do. As I articulated in my last post about relationship building, this adds another dimension. Life is too short – too precious. Make sure that whoever you talk to or come in contact with, that you are okay with how you made them feel with your words and gestures if that was your last day on Earth. Try to develop that deep connection with people so that maybe you can save someone’s life. This is a powerful realization for me. You don’t need an MD to save people’s lives – just genuine care for one another’s well-being by opening up, being vulnerable, talking deeply, and loving thy neighbor.