Blessed to Be a Buckeye

I’ve shied (had to look up if that’s a real word – it is!) away from social media (mostly FB and IG. I still use twitter incessantly) these past couple months. Call it social media hibernation. Yesterday’s weather was absolutely gorgeous: sun, wind, warmth, dogs, and Oval Beach.

Oval Beach

This post is about realizing all the beauty in life, especially the people you get to meet throughout the journey. I brought up social media because I finally instagrammed a new picture after a 20-week hiatus. A reason why I’m not particularly fond of social media is that it’s so easy to obsess over how many likes you get. I don’t want to think like that. I just want to share with others a piece of my life because that’s humanity at its finest.

I’m overcome with emotion as I am thinking about each and every person that I get a notification from because they liked or commented on my photo: our history, the present, the future, and my gratitude in getting to know them. I feel so blessed to have formed relationships with all of these people. It’s intriguing to think about how many people you will cross paths with out of seven billion on Earth.

I hope that this post makes you nostalgic and smile as you think of the people in your life. Know that you are loved and are a part of this big family called the human population.



What if we cared more? Loved more?

I’ve spent the last two hours reading and looking at Madison’s Instagram instead of studying like I should be. She has really made me think about life… how precious it is… and how important it is to be happy in everything that you decide to do.

Don’t pick a career path because of your parent’s wishes, the appeal of a six-digit salary or because everyone else is doing it. Do it for you, for your happiness – because only then can you genuinely translate that happiness to others. What is driving the fire behind your soul?

Madison seemed like she had a pretty full and fun life. This made me think about how people might not be comfortable in telling you their clandestine thoughts and feelings, but it is our job as fellow human beings to care for one another – to love. This is what I want to do. As I articulated in my last post about relationship building, this adds another dimension. Life is too short – too precious. Make sure that whoever you talk to or come in contact with, that you are okay with how you made them feel with your words and gestures if that was your last day on Earth. Try to develop that deep connection with people so that maybe you can save someone’s life. This is a powerful realization for me. You don’t need an MD to save people’s lives – just genuine care for one another’s well-being by opening up, being vulnerable, talking deeply, and loving thy neighbor.

15 Ways to be Positive and Happy in Life :)

Inspirational quote

What you think and how you think has a large influence on your outlook on life and affects how you show up to places and how others perceive you. For me, I have found that by focusing on the positive side of every situation you find yourself in, you’ll be a more happy and purposeful person.

I hope this list will give you some ideas on how to train your mind and change your actions to achieve an overall happier, satisfying, purposeful and meaningful life. This is an ongoing list that I am compiling whenever inspiration strikes me.

We’re all humans – of course we’ll still have our down days, but I find myself coming back to this list on those days to see how I can get myself out. Feel free to share some of your tips 🙂

1. Aim to inspire others authentically with posts on social media accounts.

2. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud until your sides hurt, rolling on the floor dying and almost peeing your pants (my favorite kind of laughter) – especially at yourself.

3. Listen to upbeat music! Sing and dance it out. To de-stress, I enjoy one person dance parties before bed. Try it 😛

4. Count your blessings. Be grateful for all that you have. Even simple things like: sunshine, family, friends, the ability to wake up every day and choose how you spend the next 24 hours.

5. Be authentic in all parts of your life. Be honest. Be true.

6. Perform random acts of kindness, all day every day. Some of my favorites: smiling at people you pass, informing people there’s no toilet paper in a stall, helping people that look lost, and telling people you appreciate them. You have the ability to make someone’s day, and this in turn can make your day.

7. Be altruistic. Help others. Give without expecting something back.

8. Don’t focus too much on the end goal. Cherish the journey to get there.

9. Catch up with friends. Be present. Put away your phone and relish pure human connections. Talk to people like they’re the only ones on earth.

10. Love is quite possibly one of the greatest human feelings. Give love to everyone – with hugs, kisses, words, gifts, gestures, compliments, a smile, a listening ear. Remind people how much they mean to you because you might not get a chance to if you wait too long.

11. Exercise. For health. For social interaction. For good mentality – with friends is even better. Trigger those endorphins that give you a pleasurable feeling. For me, I enjoy the long runs where deep thinking occurs.

12. Welcome deep meaningful dialogues. Be open and honest with yourself and others within reason. Don’t play games and beat around the bush. I guarantee you’ll find this a liberating feeling.

13. As a human race, we are more alike than we think. I often go on a meta-thinking tangent and picture ourselves as one big human family on a revolving blue sphere somewhere in the vast universe.

14. Keep a smile file 🙂 Write down anything that happens to you that makes you smile. Revisit it on your bad days. Also use it for reflection and the expression of gratitude.

15. There is no such thing as “too late” in life (this one is inspired by the book, Tuesdays with Morrie). If you want to achieve a healthier mindset and a happier life, you can begin any time 🙂